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Youth Association for Actions against HIV/AIDS (AJAS)
Welcome to AJAS' official Web site in english

Youth Association for Actions against HIV/AIDS in english, "Association de Jeunes pour les Actions contre le VIH/SIDA" in french, AJAS is a registered NGO with the district government. 
Populations served by AJAS is Youths, Teachers, Governments Officials and general population

AJAS's Bunia Team 2010


On December 28, 2001, a group of youths in Bunia created AJAS(L'Association des Jeunes pour les Actions contre le VIH/SIDA). At this time, Bunia was the epicenter of conflict in the Ituri district, and most social institutions had broken down. In this context, a group of youths concerned about HIV/AIDS organized to provide information and change the behivior of local young people engaging in high-risk activities. For exemple, many Ugandan soldiers stationed in Bunia had local girlfriends; knowing the high prevalence of HIV in Uganda, AJAS sougt to educate local youths to avoid the spred of HIV. 
During 2002-03, AJAS worked to build its capacity and knowledge. Members attended conferences and meetings to learn more about HIV/AIDS, and networked with other organizations working on this issue. During this time, AJAS also worked on ist statutes and organisation. In 2005, it created youth groups in each of Bunia's 12 administrative quarters; these groups were fully operational by 2006. In 2006, AJAS also created a youth football(soccer) team as a forum to organize young people, educate them about HIV/AIDS, and use them to help educate others. AJAS brought together youths from different parts of Bunia, and from different ethnicities, to help unify young men using sport. In recent years, AJAS has conducted dozens of trainings for thousands of youths, teachers, government officials, and others in Bunia, Mahagi and Mongbwalu. 
AJAS has for many years been an implementing organization for larger local and international organizations-i.e, funding passes through three or four organisations before reaching AJAS, which carries out the actual work. AJAS has a strong cadre of dedicated, professional members who largely work without pay and contribute more than on-thrid of AJAS's budget. In the last years, AJAS has worked with Tearfund, OXFAM QUEBEC, Save the Children UK and World Bank's MAP. 
AJAS and Caritas Bunia Team

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